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Specialist areas

Specialist areas

We are specialists and generalists

We deal with a huge number of legal areas, and our experience base is broad. We are highly specialised within several areas, but also offer high-quality advisory services in other areas, thus having the capacity to meet our clients’ needs for advice in full.


Specialist areas

Lassen Ricard is a leading law firm - and especially well-known - within copyright as well as media and entertainment law, but we also provide highly specialised advice within a huge number of other areas, and our experience base is broad.


Mergers & acquisitions, construction law and energy and infrastructure are but a few of the areas within which we have extensive experience.


In addition, we advise several technology and growth businesses, and we seek actively to contribute to success. The Danish Society of Engineers (IDA) recommends us to its members.


We are often involved in litigation and arbitration proceedings, as attorneys appearing on behalf of a party or as arbitrators, and we also sit on committees appointed by the government.


Our extensive and highly specialised work involving the protection of Danish and European TV stations’ rights in the Nordic countries, in the capacity of secretariat as well as attorneys acting for the UBO (Union of Broadcasting Organisations) also deserves mention.



We work with clients in Denmark and internationally

The personal contact between client and attorney, or team of attorneys, is crucial to us.

Our history

Our history at Lassen Ricard dates back to 1986

On 1 January 1986, the law firm was founded by Lennart Ricard and Steen Lassen.

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